Thursday, February 01, 2007

Does The Warhol Hate Pittsburgh? Follow Up

A few people reacted to my question about the Warhol not listing in the Gallery guide.

First, to get it out of the way; I think the Warhol is awesome and I want more people to know about them and all the other great things here.

I did some checking and I think the listing costs closer to $3000 a year, which is a lot. I think it includes a page on their website and other stuff. Anyway, it seems to have been worthwhile for most of the small college galleries and a non profits in other parts of the state and in Maryland, Delaware and D.C. to list themselves. In fact the guide just makes it look like cuture stops in western P.A. Why don't any of the institutions list themselves; the glass center; The Center For the Arts; Wood Street; Space gallery; The Society For Contemporary Craft; The Regina Miller Gallery???

I have been thinking hard about getting a listing but for me it's a lot of money and what use is a guide in which nobody lists themselves?

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