Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Maxo Vanka Images: St Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church

Well, I managed to get some stuff off my camera. More on the way, but not too much. Lighting was a problem for me. Hopefully, I will be able borrow better images from the people I was with.


David said...

I am student at the University of Pittsburgh and I am researching St. Nicholas closing that is currently prolonged due to the Follieri lawsuit. So my question for you is, when did you take these photos of the murals because it seems you took them in July, but I read in an article that the murals were painted over and the objects were removed from the church. I was wondering if maybe these murals weren't painted over, as evidenced by your pictures that were uploaded several months ago? If you could let me know of this and/or any other information, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for you time.

John Morris said...

Wow, I hope very much that didn't happen. I believe these pictures were taken in the last days of June 2007.

I think you have to remember that there are two St Nicholas Croatian churches in the area-- one one the North Side and the other in Millvale. I think you are mixing the two up. The Millvale church and the Vanka murals are at risk also. There was some obvious damage from a roof leak when I was there and the parish is lacking in resources.

John Morris said...

Pop City did a story which mentioned the murals in November of 2007. I really think they are there.


Anna said...

I realize this may have been resolved some time ago but I wanted to assure you both that the Vanka murals are still intact and efforts are underway to raise funds to clean and preserve them. Increased awareness about the existence of the murals and their historic and artistic importance will only help. Spread the word!