Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jim Shaw @ P.S.1 on You Tube

Someone named James Kalm, seems to have posted a number of DYI you tube videos of NY art openings, happenings and events. He happens to have posted extensive one of Jim Shaw's show at PS1 which Merge was such a big fan of. I have a more mixed opinion, but thanks to stuff like this, I can take a few peeks at details, I might have missed and think about the work again. For the record, I love his "thrift store paintings" and most of the other work and had never seen such a large display of them. I had mixed opinions about the "Donner Party" (many art world gags make me gag)but I have to think about it.

Posting this creates the classic internet age questions-- A) that the person who shot and posted is ok with it being reposted and B) that PS1, the artist and owners of anyworks are ok with it.

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