Thursday, July 19, 2007

True Faith @ Greenberg Van Doren

Tracy Miller
Ben Matthews
Gina Magid

I made a special trip to see the show file artist, Paul Brainard put together at Greenberg Van Doren, a gallery that amazingly, I think I have never been in. The show put together a lot of stuff that didn't at first glance seem to have a lot in common and left a lot of space to make connections. The first common link was that almost all the work was visually stunning or interesting. Almost all the work fell into the general realm of painting and or drawing.

"In selecting artists for this show I chose work that encompasses visual ambiguity as the dominant aesthetic. The title ‘True Faith’ presupposes the viewer believes in the uncertainty of organic growth and the enigmatic openness this allows. I also wanted to concentrate on work that has a direct relationship to the touch of the hand. Throughout the process of painting and drawing many decisions are made that can lead the artist into new and unexpected territory. Much of the artwork allows a hybrid organic growth that complements disciplined thought and execution".

The gallery website seems to miss the full scope of the show which included Pittsburgh artist, Ben Matthews. Of course, Art Cal had this show as a pick !!

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