Monday, October 22, 2007

Closing reception 10/27 - Conceived Bully

Save the Date!
Opening: September 8, 6-9PM

Conceived Bully - Side I

The raw installment and tough works of urban design.
Featuring the works of --

I've heard some of the kids talkin' on the bus an' I just wanna set the record straight. Evil Design is not a band of Blood Sucking Son-Of-A-Guns that like to make babies cry, they're just some kids that like to draw pictures is all.

ExperiBreed - NYC/PGH
Cultures come and cultures go. Some we remember and some we don't know.

MAGMO - The Destroyer - Rhode Island
Magmo is here to help. Magmo is here to destroy.

More information

ExperiBreed @Digging Pitt Too

In his exhibit at Digging Pitt Too, JC one will present works from ExperiBreed, his most recent cycle of expression. Join us in September in welcoming JC one to the walls at Digging Pitt Too. More information

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