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JC one interviews Magmo and Evil Design

Conceived Bully, curated by JC One, has interviewed Magmo and Evil Design. To our great delight! The exhibit really is phenomenal. In case you miseed it - More information

I've heard some of the kids talkin' on the bus an' I just wanna set the record straight. Evil Design is not a band of Blood Sucking Son-Of-A-Guns that like to make babies cry, they're just some kids that like to draw pictures is all.

ExperiBreed - NYC/PGH
Cultures come and cultures go. Some we remember and some we don't know.

MAGMO - The Destroyer - Rhode Island
Magmo is here to help. Magmo is here to destroy.

JC one

JC One interviews Magmo the Destroyer

JC- Can you tell us what Magmo means, and why he likes to destroy things?

Magmo was the name I had came up with to be part of the Tomo & Whimo gang. We all lived together in Brighton, MA. We weren't really a gang, more like three dorks that liked how our names all sounded the same. I added "The Destoyer" because that is what I want to do. Magmo The Destroyer started as way for me to create art that tries to raise awareness about all sorts of things in this world that interest me, good or bad. I am not sure how much Magmo has even "destroyed", but the idea behind Magmo has been the same since day one: Make art with a message.

JC- What motivates Magmo to do such a series as your "In America" pieces?

When I started the In America series I thought about all the times I had traveled outside the U.S. to visit other countries. As I talked to people, we always would ask about each other's culture. The phrase "In America..." seemed to be at the beginning of many of their questions and my answers. So I kept that phrase in mind as I started them. I wanted the phrases and drawings to depict life in America as if I was describing it to a stranger. Each is a response to current events that I would read about or see on the news. All the characters wear silly striped caps with a shiny spinning star on top, which I thought would be a good symbol of how absurd life in America has become.

JC- What artists do you look up to as far as having being influenced by?

Some of the artists I have been inspired by are; Francis Picabia, Dr.Suess, Tadanori Yokoo, Stenberg Brothers, Barbara Kruger, Richard Powers, Paul Laffoley, George Grosz, and Arthur Dolt. But I think I am most influenced by everything around me; people, strangers, cultures, society, animals, technology, music, the environment and books. Magmo likes books. The random and unexpected moments in life also seem to have the biggest impact on my work.

Magmo the Destroyer

JC one interviews MCA/Evil Design

JC-Is the devil one of your influences or is that just your name?
MCA: In many people’s minds the Devil is the ultimate Evil & I am Evil Design, so does that mean that I am part of the Almighty Devil’s master ‘design’ or master plan!? - No.
I am not a member of the Church of Satan, although I would have liked to have met Mr. Anton Lavey. He seemed to have his thing going good for him & he always had hot ladies around the house.
I use the term ‘Evil’ in my name in a more ironic way. Evil that is dreamt up in the minds of suburban moms who find the ‘Diary of a Madman’ record under their daughter’s bed. The Evil that is used to describe youth gone wild that are loose running in the streets, this is the evil I enjoy.
I think that people need to look towards the Three Stooges to see the actual divine plan. One Stooge represents God, One Stooge represents the Devil & One Stooge represents Man. You must look deep inside yourself to choose which is which & learn from this.
I have gained much information & influence from this blue print of the Three Stooges.

JC- What lead you to designing and were you determined from the beginning to get involved with toys?
MCA: I always have drawn pictures ever since I can remember. I learned to draw from my grandfather; not in an academic way, but just from observing and drawing with him. It was just a thing that I never stopped doing. As far as becoming a ‘designer’ - I dunno, I just still do what I always did, draw goofy characters & stuff. Once they get applied to record covers, t-shirts or toys – now you’re a designer. As far as having a determination to design toys from the get-go – no. I had no clue I would ever get the opportunity to design my own toys. One day I got an email from Toy2R & that was my starting point. Designing toys has been the most fun I’ve had in the ‘design’ world, it’s pretty awesome when a box of your newest toys comes in the mail & you get to rip it open and hold the finished piece.

JC- I remember we spoke about your "Simian Show", is the ape based on a real life person or is it a representative of an idea?
MCA: The ‘Simian Nation?’ show in Boston was at a shop/gallery called The Lab. I just wanted to do a show all based around my Evil Ape character. As far as the ape being based on an actual person, not really: more of a big mix. I do think artists put themselves into their work & I do like giving people a dead stare now & again, but that’s where the similarities end.. I think. We’re all monkeys anyways – right? So take your pick.(It would have been great to have Billy Barty do the voice in an Evil Ape cartoon, I picture an older Ape talking like that.)

MCA/Evil Design

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