Sunday, June 15, 2008

Three Rivers Arts Festival - Part II


One of the components for this year's Three Rivers Arts Festival is the Contained exhibit. The festival purchased ten shipping containers and accepted proposals for installations. Some of the installations were quite striking, with the artists taking the long and narrow space into account.

Contained #10
Twist, Tie, Multiply: Hands in Action
by Anna Divinsky, Joanna Commandaros and Karen Page
An interactive cabinet of curiosities representing the body that will evolve and grow over the course of the Festival.


Unfortunately, I missed the hands-on activities associated with Twist, Tie, Multiply. It is an exceptionally beautiful work, with the walls painted a soothing green and the beautiful floral motifs that were developed by the artists. The depth of th space was used advantageously in the work, creating a sense of an intimate garden. Below is a detail of one of the organic forms that adorn the walls of this container.


Contained #1
Code Words: Mutations
by Lori Hepner
An interactive print installation that explores binary code and the ways in which language breaks down.

I found this work to be visually appealing. It spoke to me about rhythm and the subtle variations available in the multiple reproduction of a few simple objects. The palette was limited, made up of softened hues. So, I am reacting to this work on a purely visual level, using the artist's aesthetics to reinforce my own ideas. The following is from Lori Hepner's statement --
Examining the interplay between technology, language and translation, Lori Hepner's Code Words: Mutations, is an interactive installation incorporating photography and hand-sewn silk panels. The photographs of binary code destructing as dyed silk in bleach speaks to the ways in which binary code can mutate and change unbeknownst to the user. Viewers will have the opportunity to interact with the exhibit by purchasing the prints, thus changing the overall meaning of the piece.

I tried to get a tight shot of one of the prints used in the installation, mostly to record a sense of the color -


Contained #2
by Joshua Space
An enormous kaleidoscope invites you to explore questions of light and space.


I loved this piece. I actually got trapped in this container by a sudden thunderstorm. I spent nearly a half hour with Joshua Space's kaleidoscope. And another festival goer who sat on the floor with me, he with his lunch, me with my coffee. This work is especially effective in its container. Of course, the still shot isn't quite enough to get the full effect of Equipoise. I also shot this little short video of the work --

Three Rivers Arts Festival
Market Square, Downtown
Every Day: June 6-22 : 12 - 8 pm

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