Monday, June 30, 2008

Artists Review Artists Project @Thinking About Art

JT Kirkland is always thinking. This time he is thinking about what constitutes a review in the current dialog about art and artists. From his new project --

... I am no longer sure what an art "review" is today. Is it a re-hashing of the gallery's press release? Is it a description of artwork in a show? Is it a blog post of images? Is it a thorough critical analysis of the exhibition, work and artist? Is it something else entirely?

JT Kirkland has conducted similar online projects in the past. His Artists Interview Artists project was at times very thought-provoking. This current project promises to be the same.

The impetus for the project is the lack of dialog in the traditional press for all of the arts. Currently, it is more likely for a paper to review a television show than it is for them to publish a review of an art exhibit or a new dance presentation. While I understand and agree with this premise, it also seems to me that this project could serve as arallying point for artists to have a direct and significant impact on the art dialog, which has for decades been the provenance of critics and historians. So, go and submit your work for participation in Artists Review Artists. Detailcan be found here.

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nemo said...

thanks for the post, quite a project! i personally find myself on the outside of those types of endeavors but would like to see where it goes .reviews, critics (even other artists)etc are unneccesary filters to me and i look for sources which will give me just enough info about the medium, process, and perhaps an image to make the call if i want to see a show or check out their work online etc. i do like the idea of turning the tables though.

which reminds me does anyone know who did the site? ( i tried to email them but no response) I'm looking to revive that type of project where anyone can share their thoughts but I need some type template to work from. i got the domain

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