Sunday, October 12, 2008

In the Making; 250 Years/250 Artists @Fe Gallery

This is a pretty enormous exhibit. The exhibit, as the title suggests, encompasses the work of 250 regional artists. While I have always considered the Fe Gallery to be a nice-sized space, it is certainly not large enough to comfortably hold this exhibit. Immediately below is an image of the back left of the gallery.


The thumbnails below are, from left, the front-left, back-right and middle-right images. Clik on the thumbnails for a larger view.


This was a pretty ambitious undertaking. Conducting the jurying process and installation were probably harrowing. I find these salon shows difficult to view as I get older. My eyes are not as sharp as they used to be and a lot of the show was hung outside of my visual range.

With that said, it was still very representative of Pittsburgh arts. Not every artist in Pittsburgh is in the exhibit, but no matter what type of art you produce, I can absolutely guarantee that you will find a familiar face in the crowd. As a survey show, it makes a good overview of the breadth of the local art scene.

As with any show of this nature, you come away with a few favorites, pieces that will make it worthwhile to go back and view the work again. Following are images of some of the works that I found had that draw for me. Given the length of the exhibit, there is still plenty of time to get back to Fe Gallery and visit with old and new friends.

Crystala Aragost

I just really liked the layering in the above work.

Michelle Browne

There were a few fiber works in the exhibit. Although this is mixed,I really liked its simplicity and the combining of the materials.

Ruth Levine

I've been a fan of Ruth Levine's work for a few years now. There is always this austere beauty to her work. Also a nice touch with materials.

Debra Tomson

Another mixed material fiber piece. This one is a little spooky-creepy, mainly because of the staples. Maybe I would feel differently if the piee were larger. The staples, in proportion to the substrate, are just a little threatening.

Danielle Brannigan

The textures in this work are just wonderful. If it was a little lower on the wall, I probably would have been tempted to explore those textures. Good thing it was hung high!

Terri Bradley

There is a terrible hot glare on the middle right of this work. Please, take the time to go to the exhibit to see some of these works. This one is well worth going in to see. It is eerie but beautiful.

Akiko Kotani

I almost didn't catch this work. It was installed fairly low on the wall. I didn't catch it until I was on my way out of the door. Really nice small work.

David Grim

I thought that this digital print was very striking. There is a certain controlled violence to the work.

Well, that's it. Try to make it in to the exhibit; you won't be disappointed. There is a special Catalog Launch Party coming up pretty quickly. The exhibit has a long run and will be in place until mid-January 2009

In the Making 250 Years/250 Artists
Exhibition Dates: September 12, 2008 – January 10, 2009
Catalog Launch Party
Saturday October 18, 2008
from 5-7:30 pm.
Catalogs can be purchased for $40 each.
Fe Gallery
4102 Butler Street, Lawrenceville
Pittsburgh PA 15201
Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat 12 - 4

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