Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh, just break my heart

Brent Burkett is extremely excited about his first foray into curating. Really, his enthusiasm is infectious, even through the electronic stream. Mr. Burkett, who is the voice of Heart as Arena, is a supporter of the arts. He reviews exhibits in New York as well as here in Pittsburgh. It breaks my heart that I can't make it up to NYC to see this exhibit. But maybe you can.


From his Press Release --
Bad shit happens, like, constantly. Quite frankly, I'm surprised we all aren't in cardiac arrest by the time we're 8. I'm not tipping you to anything new by pointing out that most of us make it past childhood, grow up, and drag our "long black bag" of heartbreak along for the ride. There are plenty of ways to lighten the burden though, and one of them is to look at art. (Therapy also helps. LOTS of therapy.) Every once in awhile I'll come across art that reverses the damage done, at least a little bit. I knew when I was offered this show that I wanted to include artists who have provided me with those moments of "unbreaking". You know how it works. The world slows down and you can almost feel the shards coming back together (Blondie style), the sinewy shreds of tissue reconnecting (David Lynch style). We just have to keep our eyes open and our hearts on the block. It's gonna be alright. At least for this moment.

There are several posts on Heart as Arena, previewing each of the artist's work. More are planned during the run-up to the show, so check back in. It promises to be most awesome.Of the artists that have so far been previewed, I find myself particularly drawn to Beth Gilfilen's work.


Unbreak My Heart
730 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 646-894-7777
November 1, 2008 - January 18, 2009
Opening: Saturday, November 1, 6 - 9PM

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