Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Director: Nick Nolte, Seeking 1500 Extras For Film In Pittsburgh

Actor/director, Nolte will be filming, Warrior about a Vietnam Vet training his son in ultimate fighting, will need 1500 extras to play student fans who crowd Pitt's Petersen Event Center to watch the climactic battle.

"Extras must be 18 years or older and will be paid $100 for 12 hours of work. Lisa Brennan, extras casting director, said there is no set schedule of how many extras are needed for any given day. Some days of shooting call for five to 10 extras and others call for 1,500.

Extras do not need to have prior experience or fulfill any set requirements. However, Brennan is looking for students and those who can pass for students.

“One of the scenes takes place in a high school classroom,” said Brennan. “We will need people to fit the bill.”

The Petersen Events Center is also a major character in the film “Warrior.” Brennan said that the Pete will be a gym and will possibly be transformed in to a Las Vegas set. The Pete will also be the setting during the film’s climatic scene, where the star battles opponents in a series of choreographed mixed martial arts tournaments. On that day of filming, more than 1,500 extras are needed to fill the Petersen gymnasium."

Seems like a few other extras may be needed for other scenes and that the bulk of the film will be shot in and around Pittsburgh

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