Thursday, March 26, 2009

Right Wing Video Of The Week

This may become a series of at least monthly posts of favorite videos, I find on line that support libery, financial rationality and Constitutional Government.

This particular one is of a Brittish, Conservative MP, delivering a brutal tongue lashing to Prime Minister Gordon Brown. England, might be one of the few major nations in worse financial shape than we are, but most of this could be said about Barak Obama.


kotog said...

I read this blog because I dig Pittsburgh art, not because I want to read up on politics. I am deleting this blog from my RSS feed and will find other sources for Pittsburgh art updates.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with Kotog in spirit, I am certainly not kneejerking you off of my RSS. I'll tell you why. While I really don't get along with you politically, I do find your post to be good reads, and in general very interesting. Truth be told your post back a few months with the IOUSA videos might be my most forwarded post to date.

But I do think that your recent mention of starting another blog for politics would be wise. I will probably subscribe to it as well, and I think you will get a much better return on your writing in a different environment. I'm a total RSS lurker, but from the few post I've visited on your actual page, usually the ones I am into enough to forward to someone else, they never seem to start the conversation you are looking for. A different venue might help facilitate that.

If you do start another blog, make sure us RSS peeps know!