Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Urban Photography Project @ Rust Wire

Hopefully more printed and online projects will develop to fill the emerging gaps in news coverage, and community linkages opening up as traditional newspapers struggle and fold. One new blog with ambitions to connect the Rust Belt is called Rust Wire which seems to be cooking up some kind of online photography project.

"Rustwire is recruiting photographers across the Midwest to take part in a photo project attempting to capture the unique essence of individual Rust Belt cities.

We want shots of Cleveland, when the fog rolls in from the lake and blankets downtown. We want the vacant storefront in the old Polish neighborhood in Buffalo. We want children playing in the streets in St. Louis. We want street construction projects, old warehouses, snowstorms and street festivals.

We need photographers with an interest in urban landscapes and knowledge and love for their cities. Email us at to participate."

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