Friday, August 14, 2009

Night Out In Braddock To Celebrate Unsmoke Systems First Year

In July of 2008, UnSmoke Systems Artspace was launched with their inaugural event, Out of this Furnace, in conjunction with the 55th Carnegie International. Since the studio’s debut, UnSmoke Systems has become integral to promoting the arts in Braddock.

On August 15, from 7:30 – 10:30pm, UnSmoke Systems will be hosting Night Out: Braddock - a party to celebrate our first year of events. Featuring the artwork of resident and guest artists, Humanaut DJ’s Aaron Clark and Paul Alexander (resident DJ’s at Hijack, New Amsterdam) and refreshments. Delicious Donations will be present and raising money for the regional artists, with a cash award (typically between $100 - $250) to be given away at the end of the night. Join us for an evening of art, music, and socializing to kick off one more year.

Participating artists: Barb Antel, Stephanie Armbruster, Emilia Edwards, Jeanine Hall, Eric Haberle, Marc Nieson, Tara Powley, Fitzhugh Shaw, Josh Tonies, and Paulina Wilkowska

Stephanie Armbruster has been with UnSmoke from the beginning. Her work is an exploration of urban spaces, populations and visual textures. Often a reflection on the postindustrial landscape, her works suggest whimsical environments that are familiar, unique, and a little absurd. Informed by a fascination with printed matter, street art, and design, Stephanie works primarily in 2D media. Her work is currently on view at the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art.

Marc Nieson’s background includes filmmaking, children’s theatre, building construction and a season with a one-ring circus. Excerpts from his forthcoming memoir Schoolhouse: A Memoir in 13 Lessons have appeared in the Literary Review and Iowa Review, and his fiction recently was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and won the 2008 Raymond Carver Short Story Contest. His feature-length screenplays include Bottomland, The Dream Catcher, and The Speed of Life (Special Jury Prize 2007 Venice Film Festival).

Josh Tonies has been with the organization from the start. He also lives and works in Braddock, PA. His current work explores transient structures. Mining systematic imagery such as technical illustration, security patterns from envelopes and architectural diagrams, he reconfigures these depictions of space into slippery windows. He has exhibited his work nationally at Mass MoCa, Light Industry in Brooklyn and internationally at Meinblau e.V in Berlin.

Support for Night Out: Braddock is generously provided through a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) – Project Stream Grant

Sorry, for the crude cut and paste job. It's the best I can do. I'm also very sad I will not be able to catch this event.Very, Very exiting weekend in The Burgh.

By the way -- I think the address on Unsmoke's website is wrong.

I think it's 1183 Braddock Ave which is what Google's street view shows.

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Future Tenant said...

Also be sure to check out this squatumentary on Monday, Auggie 17:

located on maple way behind unsmoke.