Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sacred Art @Box Heart

The Sacred Art exhibit at Box Heart is always a good show. This annual juried exhibit has reached it's thirteenth year. The exhibit is up and the opening reception is this Saturday. There were several really fine works up yesterday when I swung by. The show is just recently installed and the Box Heart team has not had a chance to upload documentation on the exhibit yet. This exhibit is national in scope and features work from all over the country as well as some local artists.

Jessica Somers Consumption

There is something really appealing about the simplicity of the above work by Ms. Somers. I think the title belies the image somewhat. The wolves seem more comforting, like a mass of warm bodies acting as protection. Well, that's my individual reaction, though.

boxheart-2.jpg boxheart-3.jpg
Liz Rundorff-Smith Reap (left) and Savor (right)

The above works by Ms. Rudorff-Smith are small canvases, well-painted. Both have a lovely soft glow. They seem like a memory of anticipation. The table was in the process of being set. The presentation was seriously considered, with an eye for tablecloth and place setting. The host and guest know each other well enough to share a simple, intimate repast. Since this exhibit is about interpretations of the sacred, it seens to me that the artist feels a very day-to-day relationship with the spiritual.

David Nelson God's Appointment Book

Yep. Nice painting. It really drew your eye when you walked into the gallery.

The 13th Annual Sacred Art Exhibition
August 18, - September 12, 2009
Public Reception: Saturday, August 22nd: 5 pm - 8 pm.
Box Heart Gallery
4523 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
P. 412 687 8858

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 AM - 6 PM
Sunday: 1 PM - 5 PM


Sonja said...

ooo... Looks lovely. Can't wait!

Ben said...

Looks great, I support the use of "Sacred in Art," everywhere.