Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Improved Blog Links

I'm finally getting around to sorting through the mess of blog links and creating a more comprehensive and rational list of Pittsburgh arts venues, exhibition spaces and other stuff of interest here.

It's a work in progress with many links still not up or in the wrong place.

At this point, with the current blog design, I haven't figured out a way to break things down by category well which will likely mean that Pittsburgh regional arts venues will be listed as such while Ohio, West Virginia and other non regional attractions and links will be dropped in the "Blogs Category".

This fits well with the overall theme of Chaos around here. Still not sure how to sort the Pittsburgh blogs and media links.

One other note. Yes, there are venues and small galleries which I think just don't make the cut in terms of basic quality.

I also want to say to those people from out of town checking out these links, that a good number galleries here are better and more interesting than their schlocky websites suggest. Gallerie Chiz shows some nice work! Thankfully, the bulk of interesting Pittsburgh venues at least finally have a website,(Thank You Fe Gallery!!)When I started my gallery, I was shocked at how hard it was to tell people out of town what was going on here. The improvements in websites, blogs and other online guides is impressive and indicates a significant cultural shift towards openness.

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