Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pittsburgh Weekend Art Events: 3/4/5/11.

c. David Grim (2/18/11)


Yay. Not only is Unblurred this weekend, but it's the last one of the cold season. That makes me happy.

"Worlds Away" is billed as a photographic series featuring Robert Eisenberg and Lindy Hazel. It's at Modern Formations (4919 Penn) starting at 7PM. Eisenberg offers photojournalism, while Hazel makes Gothic-inspired imagery.

ImageBox (4933 Penn) has the collage work of Richard Schnapp, while Lauren Toohey & Steph Scullio show their bird images at Most Wanted Fine Art (5015 Penn), and are accompanied by music courtesy of Grand Snafu. And if you are in the mood for a reading, stop in (6PM) at Awesome Books (5111 Penn) to hear Amir Rashidd read from his book "Blood Call".

Or if music is more your thing, you can catch the Celtic-inspired Sgt. Early's Dream at the Pittsburgh Beautification Project (7-9PM), while you see artwork by Dean Cercone, Bob Ziller, and James Shipman. At 9PM, you'll hear the acoustic stylings of Ivory Weeds.

Meanwhile Gallery Chiz (5831 Ellsworth Ave.) will show a retrospective of the work of Shadyside-based artist Peter Calaboyias. Apparently he has a notorious wall sculpture at the Pittsburgh International Airport. I don't recall it, however, as I haven't flown in an airplane since 2000. Check out the full range of his work from 5:30-8:30 PM.

And some of the galleries downtown (Future Tenant, Space Gallery, and 709 Penn) are once again scheduling their openings to compete with Unblurred. Go down there and struggle for parking, if you will.


I always have the best intentions to go to the Annual Black Maria Film Festival at Melwood Filmmakers. But every year I find a good excuse not to attend. This year is no different. I'm going to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops at the Kelly Strayhorn (it's sold out, so don't get any ideas). Well, this cutting edge traveling film series is in its 30th year, so won't someone please plan to show up on my behalf? It starts at 7:30PM.

And the Brew House in the South Side (2100 Mary Street) is having its first opening in many moons from 6-9PM. It has been shut down for awhile due to building code violations. But thanks to a small grant it will be featuring an opening for participants in the Distillery 5 program. The work of Aimee Manion, Meghan Olson, Jaci Rice, Kara Skylling and Ryan Woodring will be included.

Oldtime Digging Pitt alumnus Deanna Mance is having an exhibition of her work at Boxheart (4523 Liberty Ave.) in Bloomfield. Show up for "The Dead Engineer" between 5 and 8PM for the reception. And if you find yourself in Squirrell Hill during that time slot instead, stop by the Christina Frechard Gallery (5871 Forbes Ave.) for the work of Annette Poitau.

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