Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pittsburgh Weekend Art Events: 4/1-2/11.

c. David Grim (taken 3/19/11)

I almost can't believe that we've made it to another First Friday this fast. Naturally Unblurred is the focus of art-related activity this weekend, but as always during this time of the month- there is a lot to see and do.


The Geek Art/Green Innovators Festival will be held for the second time ever. One destination among many is the Union Project in Highland Park, and the open house they are holding all weekend to highlight the potential of its physical facilities. Check out their site for a full schedule of events.

The aforementioned festival is apparently a big part of Unblurred this go round. Visit the various venues up-and-down Penn to see all kinds of works and events. As far as Unblurrred is concerned, Steve Ehret has "Buried by Daisies" at Modern Formations (4919 Penn), and he is joined by assemblage artist Ron Copeland. Unfortunately I couldn't find any listings for the rest of the venues.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself downtown, stop by to see the Shaw Galleries' "Beauty-Strength-Reflection" (805 Liberty Ave.). The show features "five perspectives on the female form", and its reception runs from 5:30-9PM. And Jim Shearer is presenting his Pirates-themed work with "Opening Day: Yinz Luv 'Da Buccos", and a reception at Wildcard (4209 Butler St) from 8-10PM.


Shervin Iranshahr, an iranian-born artist born in Pittsburgh, will have a reception for his gothic realist paintings at Gallery 4 in Shadyside (206 South Highland Ave). "Demons and Deities" will start at 7PM.

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