Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Images Of Cleveland's Amazing/Interesting Tremont Neighborhood

OK, I can finally admit that until last weekend, I had never been to Cleveland. We did get there and spent an active weekend. Sadly, the weather and need to see Cleveland Museum and Rock Hall impacted some of my ability to explore. We also planned this trip last minute and didn't scope out a local guide.

Here are some images from the beautiful, strange, historic neighborhood called Tremont on Cleveland's West Side. The diversity of building types is stunning. The deep handcrafted ways people are adding and preserving the place in many small ways, come across. This is not a wealthy area, or a place the city seems to have shown much care for. Tremont, reminds me of Polish Hill, in being both centrally located and yet isolated.

FYI, we were rushing around without much clue--few formal city guides or handouts at the hotels point out this place. Actually, getting a good guide or map to much beyond just the downtown/Stadium/Rock Hall/Business district and University Circle area was hard. Lucky for you, the locals have placed many wonderful plaques and maps around the area.

There were also many nice shops, cafes and the like that I didn't capture. Tremont and nearby Ohio City are great places for eats.

"Originally settled by Eastern Europeans, Appalachians, Greeks, Polish and African-Americans, Tremont is one of Cleveland’s oldest neighborhoods with architectural gems evoking its rich cultural heritage.

Tremont was once named University Heights in tribute to the hosting of the city’s first institution of higher learning - Cleveland University - which operated in the neighborhood from 1851 to 1853. The current street names “Professor,” “College,” “University” and “Literary” are remnants of this period.

The name of the neighborhood was changed later to Lincoln Heights to commemorate the area’s role as the site of two Union Army camps during the Civil War.The small town character fostered by the isolation created by the development of the interstates along with the unique mix of architectural styles and proximity to Downtown, has spurred a renewed interest in urban living in the neighborhood."

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Anonymous said...

Great shots of the neighborhood. Have made me very homesick as I now live in VA