Sunday, April 03, 2011

Visual Artists Wanted for Fleeting Pages Popup Store at Borders

You may have already heard that the East Liberty Borders is
going to become a pop up shop at the end of April. See John's post on this.
It will be called Fleeting Pages, and will be open for 4-6
weeks. Sorry as I am to lose the Borders, this is a very exciting
While the emphasis is on books from small presses, they are
also very actively seeking visual artists who " use book as medium, or have
some cross-over with the written word ."
I will be having some work in this because of the graffiti
in (some) of my images.I say this to illustrate that the crossover doesn't have to be huge.
There is a short time will be due definitely by 4/23 or earlier
There is a submission process. For detailed ( and delightfully clear) information, please go to:
This is a great and fun opportunity for indie press and visual artist types to have their work seen in a PRIME real estate location! Luring all those people from Whole Foods, Walgreens and the Liquor Store.....
By the way, they are also in need of volunteers.

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