Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Man may have found valuable Picasso Print in thrift shop near Columbus Ohio

Keep your eyes open out there! The Columbus Dispatch has a great video of a man describing how he found the print and the what made him think it could be worth something.

From The Columbus Dispatch

"Picasso was asked to create the poster for a 1958 Easter exhibit of his ceramic work in Vallauris, in southern France, Florman said. It certainly isn’t among his best-known works, she said, but there are more-obscure pieces.

Officials at the Volunteers of America chain said they never had seen such a rare find in their 10 stores, six of which are in Ohio. Workers sift through donations looking for valuable items that they sell for higher prices, but some items fall through the cracks, spokeswoman Kathryn Lecklider said."

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