Monday, March 26, 2012

New site. Art Hopper aims to link visual culture across The Great Lakes Region

"ArtHopper provides a forum for arts and visual culture in the greater Lake Erie region including Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Detroit and beyond."

Art Hopper

An amazing idea finally, hopefully takes root with a single site highlighting visual art across a wide area. A few people might think this site reminds them of Glass Tire, which has been doing this in Texas since 2000.

Why, it seems like I was just bashing us for not doing that again-when Glass Tire's southern California site launched. I think I've brought this up for years and was honestly just too discouraged to keep banging the drum.

In this post.

Wouldn't it be amazing if we thought a bit more regionally. What factor do state borders and old money foundations have in creating artificial distortions? Do people who visit or live in one place know much about what's happening so close by?

Looks like this has already been up since the beginning of the Year.

Check out some posts.


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I am really digging this, particularly the respect for grass roots events; small gallery and art happenings. (Glass Tire always seemed too tilted towards big money galleries or institutions) I also like that regional museums seem to be advertising on the site.

If I have a gripe, I guess it's that Buffalo's exciting grass roots scene is not included but I guess one has to stop somewhere.


nemo said...

this is great, thanks for the heads up. i hope that people will take advantage of submitting news tips so that coverage will extend beyond museums and more notable galleries. the only other gap i see happening is covering artists not in an exhibit but maybe that can be worked in as well. agree on buffalo as well.

John Morris said...

I have a few faults but it's still just starting.

I think some kind of comprehensive map on the main page locating where things are would be very helpful. Glass tire has always been geat with that.

I would also like to see arts related opinion pieces. Some stories and coverage of the global art world-important shows/issues would also be great-partly because it will help more people outside the area find the site.

Jimmy Kuehnle said...

Thank your for highlighting the new site. Arthopper launched on January 1, 2012. The similarity to Glasstire is not an accident. I went to graduate school in San Antonio, love Glasstire, and wanted to recreate the experience here.

Any any all suggestions, comments and criticisms are welcome and encouraged. We want the site to work for all and to be a real community asset.

Buffalo is on the list of cities to add but we cannot do it all at once. If you know writers who are interested in submitting content please have them contact me. We are a volunteer effort now but will me moving toward a paid "society of correspondents."

Rick, I enjoy your work in Pittsburgh and hope we are able to collaborate.

John, we would welcome opinion pieces from you as well as important arts issues pieces.

Jimmy Kuehnle

John Morris said...

Great, I will try to put a post or two together. I'm not much of a writer, or a formal art critic or a tech guy which is why other people will be doing this site.