Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warhol Museum will open temporary space in Chelsea during May's Frieze Art Fair

This is totally awesome and amazing!

Face it--the Warhol is a national institution and collection that sort of fell in Pittsburgh's lap after no NY institution stepped up to help make it happen.

As a nationally known brand and collection, the intent was always to build international support from funders outside the city. One way to do that is to create an outpost in NYC-at least for a few months.

From Gallerist NY

“Why not do a satellite in New York, similar to the Guggenheim?” Mr. Kost asked, referring to the Guggenheim’s international museum network. “It will be great for New York, and hopefully what we can do is create a semi-institutional feel in this satellite.” While there is no fixed schedule for the satellite’s show, it is definitively being conceived as a temporary project, set to run from May 4 for at least four weeks."

I love this move to keep the museum more relevant and connected to the wider art world.

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