Monday, November 26, 2012

Exhibit :Radiant Circles Ruth E. Levine's Generous Life

"Radiant Circles Ruth E. Levine's Generous Life" is on exhibit at the American Jewish Museum (located at theJewish Community Center in Squirrel Hill) until January 2013. Everyone I know who has seen this exhibit has loved it. Ruth Levine, who died in 2010 was an important part of the arts community in Pittsburgh. She produced beautiful and interesting work and was immersed in the Pittsburgh  arts community, sharing ideas with artist friends and colleagues, attending a wide wide range of  events  and participating on non-profit boards. Ruth was a resident of our city from just 1998-2010, but in that time, she made quite an impact.I was fortunate to have been a friend of Ruths. And I often find myself wondering "What would Ruth think, or say?" She was/is a force.
The work in Radiant Circles was completed over a 20 year period.Two excellent reviews of this exhibit are: Kurt Shaw's at the Tribune Review here and Andrew Goldstein's at The Jewish Chronicle here. A small, but very well-written catalogue by Melissa Hiller is a splendid addition to the exhibit. I would note that there is no easier place in Pittsburgh to see an exhibition, as one can just walk in anytime that the JCC is open.

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