Thursday, November 15, 2012

Several Area Restaurants get Gordon Ramsay Makeovers

OK, the show called kitchen nightmares isn't where most places want to be featured, but for many old places, it's a last shot to survive and become loved again.

 Miss Jean's Southern Cuisine, in Wilkinsburg got a makeover which I think involves a 10,000 investment in decor and equipment, plus an intensive top to bottom look at every aspect of the business and menu.

From the Post Gazette

"It was rough," Ms. Gould said. "It's not easy ... someone telling you your food is not good."
Worse, there was a great deal of bickering between the owner and her staff. But one of the show's biggest draws is showing how Mr. Ramsay smooths over the personality clashes
"Gordon has an amazing way of getting to know people very quickly, and getting beneath and mask and the layers and to the heart of the person, "Mr. Weed said. "So he's a little bit of a therapist, too, in that regard."

Ms. Gould, a fan of cooking shows, applied to be on the show last year but said she didn't expect to have Miss Jean's Southern Cuisine chosen. Turns out, soul food is a particular passion of Chef Ramsay."

Afterwards, Gordon is redoing an old Italian place in Beaver County.

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