Monday, November 27, 2006

David Scher: Practice World @ Pierogi

Here are some of the works in the David Scher show at Pierogi. My camera battery was totally dead by the time I got to this opening so I love these great images from Pierogi's site.
Just to set the stage here- Pierogi, in my humble opinion is one the world's greatest art galleries, even though it's a legend, it's still underated. My little art career, such as it was started in with Joe accepting my work into his flat files.

I think in the previous post on shows I liked, I rated this one as "very good", which on second thought was not close to being true. The show is one of the best things I saw for sure. David's work is amazing on so many levels and visually facinating, but it is not about giving you a visual orgasm and that is what I'm a sucker for. The world he is making is both insanely creative and deeply pathetic. The feeling I got from looking at this stuff is a lot like the one I get from looking at Robert Crumb work.

Here's a very insightful review by another artist named, ummm "corny". As far as I know, she doesn't do a lot of "reviews", on her blog but this show got the honor.

As far as I know, this artist has no connection to Pittsburgh.

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