Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Shots From The Intrepid Art Collector Book Signing

Bill Gusky and Digging Pitt

Paddy Johnson, Lisa Hunter and Bill Gusky

I am finally, getting around to posting images from Lisa Hunter's book signing at Edward Winkleman and Schroeder Romero a few weeks ago. As I expected, it was sort of an art blogger convention and I can now confirm that Edward Winkleman, Bill Gusky, This Broad and That Broad, Paddy Johnson, Chris Rywalt and Lisa Hunter exist in the retro non digital world too. I was hoping very much that Barry and James would be there but it sounds like they were at the New York Art Book Fair preview.

I read Lisa's book all the way through on the trip from Pittsburgh and I now can fully endorse it. Hopefully this won't hurt sales too much.

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