Monday, November 27, 2006

Some Shots from New York

Chris Gilmore @ Freight + Volume
John Newsom @ Mike Weiss
Jennifer Steinkamp @ Lehman Maupin
Lordan Bunch@ Schroeder Romero
Keith Meyerson @ Derek Eller
Midori Harima @ Vanina Holasek Gallery

Here are some shots I took on my NY, art orgy. My eyes achieved full orgasm only a few times, but they were happy with it. Yes, people of fly over country;New York is attempting to have a non stop art orgy going on all the time- ewwwwww!

I wonder if anyone has actually gotten a photo of an eye orgasm in person? I really think that would be a real money shot. I think that's what makes the Mona Lisa smile-watching all those eyes go crazy has got to turn her on.

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