Saturday, February 10, 2007

Brillobox Drink and Draw

The last few times that went to drink and draw, I forgot to take my camera. But on February 6th, I had it in hand. Our model for the evening was Chuck, who we called a Hell's Angel.
We have new faces at all of the sessions. Since I'm not really great at retaining names, I'll just credit the drawings that I am sure about.
If you want more information about the Drink and Draw sessions at the brillobox, just email me at the brillobox drink and draw email. I have uploaded a calendar for drop-in sessions in Pittsburgh. Right now, the only venues listed are brillobox and Barely Brunch at the Brew House. I would be happy to list other venues on this calendar. Just let me know.

Our model, Chuck
Selene DePackh, whose blog is here
Selene's partner, Sue

David Grim

Renee Ruth Ickes
Susan Constanse

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