Monday, February 19, 2007

Frank Sobieski @ Panza Gallery in Millvale opens Feb 24th

Paintings by Frank Sobieski

Panza Gallery in Millvale is pleased to offer FACEValues- a comprehensive retrospective of the paintings of Frank Sobieski. Sobieski (1926-1975) was born in Central City, PA, and spent the bulk of his life living in the Johnstown area. A veteran of the Merchant Marines and manager of his family’s furniture store, Sobieski maintained his love for the arts community through his close ties to painters and writers in and around NYC from the 1950’s and throughout his life. Although an occasional world traveler, he set down roots in a secluded cabin atop Allegheny Ridge in Bedford County. It was there that he pursued his passions- painting and poetry.

We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity, with the gracious assistance of Jean Crichton and Jim Varner, to present Sobieski’s vibrant and playful body of work. Within these paintings, Sobieski displays his manic intensity with broken line and an adventurous palette. The vibrancy of his touch displays irreverence for convention. In one vast portion of his work, his fantastic figures dance in a swirl of abandon. His commitment to his own idiosyncratic vision confronts the viewer through his bold articulation. In another group of paintings, muted faces become vaguely alien… and appear to recede slowly from the canvas, as in memory itself.

We invite you to join us in an appreciation of this seldom seen collection, representing a lifetime of love and artistry.

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