Monday, April 19, 2010

Going Places (Doing Stuff III) :Call For Proposals

I know, this isn't a Pittsburgh regional thing but it's just the kind of thing that interests me. More info on the site--My guess is that they take proposals from people anywhere as long as they can be in the NYC area to do the event. It probably will help if you know the city well but who knows, perhaps the opposite is true.

"Flux Factory is calling all artists, urban explorers, rogue historians, tour guides, academics, and anyone interested to pitch tours for Going Places (Doing Stuff) III, a social practice oriented show taking place this summer.
Going Places (Doing Stuff) — you get on a bus, you don’t know where you’re going, and then something happens. Flux Factory invites artists to lead a bus-full of people on an adventure around the greater New York (or even Tri-State area) carte blanche. The content of the tours is entirely up to you, though the itinerary is kept secret from participants. Tours can range from a single afternoon to three days, and will take place from late June through August.

Each touree is given only the following information: artist, title, duration, and a list of needed supplies. In other words, when someone signs up for a tour, they know what to bring and how long they will be gone, but they will have no idea where they are actually going or what they will experience. All tours will be first-come first-serve.

There is always mystery in traveling, even if you know where you are headed. Going Places (Doing Stuff) is all about this mystery, asking the general public to give themselves over to our artists. The excitement of simply stepping on a bus to who-knows-where becomes a metaphor and catalyst for the leap of faith inherent to aesthetic experience in general.

Sounds great. Open to anyone with an idea to have people see, feel, experience and think about their world and city in a new way as well as their place in it. Of course a big part of this is relating to the people you are on the bus with.

Read about it in The New York Times.

"The trips, which run nearly every weekend through August, are free but require reservations. So far artists have taken their charges on a tour of weird religious spaces in Staten Island; to a flea market, a blueberry farm and a home barbecue in New Jersey; to Centralia, Pa., an old mining town, above, and the Clinton Station Diner in New Jersey, which specializes in novelty burgers. (The entire group shared a 50-pounder.)

More press and details on the Flux Factory websiteProposals should include:

-A brief letter explaining your motivation for taking part in this show. (300 words Maximum. Please title your document in this format: LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_LETTER.DOC or .RTF)

-An itinerary, time line, and budget for the tour

-Resumé or bio (Maximum 2 pages. Titled LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_BIO.DOC or .RTF)

The deadline is Monday, April 26th, 2010.

Submissions should be emailed as attachments to Jean Barberis and Georgia Muenster at Georgia117 gmail com with “GPDS Proposal” as the subject line. Please email questions to the same address with “GPDS Question” as the subject. And for goodness’ sake, put your name on everything."

Notice how this idea came up after the Flux Factory lost it's space in NY.

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