Friday, June 01, 2007


SPACE 101 Gallery
The Brew House Association
2100 Mary Street
Pittsburgh PA 15203


SPACE 101 Gallery will be exhibiting BARE III. The exhibit takes place from June 8, 2007 – June 30, 2007. A free opening reception will take place from 7:00-10:00pm on June 8.

With a strong desire for better realism, the artists of the Renaissance began an intense study of the human body. Adopted by academies throughout Europe, using models became the traditional path taken by artists throughout the ages. Drawing from the figure continues to be at the center of visual art study.

In fact, figure drawing sessions are increasing in numbers in Pittsburgh and other cities. The sessions provide a community for professional artists and dedicated enthusiasts to come together and share vision and technique. Drop in model sessions, like Barely Brunch, are an opportunity to hone sight as well as drawing.

Once each month, for several years here at The Brew House, a group of people of all ages, from all walks of life have been coming together (in rain, snow, sleet, and sunny picnic weather) to draw the figure. A retired secretary, a practicing physician, college instructors, students in transition, graphic designers, illustrators, arts administrators, and even an attorney draw, paint, and even sculpt together. Using various techniques and methods, they indulge in an age-old tradition in an attempt to hone their skills, to capture the essence of the human form, to relax, and just to enjoy themselves.

Each one has selected a few special pieces done in these sessions over the years, as well as some successful gesture drawings, shown informally in the small gallery. The Brew House Association will be exhibiting work produced during the Barely Brunch open model sessions in June 2007. The model sessions are held in various sites throughout the Brew House and are open to all ages, mediums (except photography) and skill levels. The exhibit will take place in the SPACE 101 Gallery located on Pittsburgh’s Southside.

Pat Barefoot
Olwyn Best
Rich Brown
Susan Constanse
Steve Dines
Kristen Divers
Jon Fesz
Jill Fisher
Fran Fredrick
Kim Freithaler
Karen Hartman
Silvia McGavin
Seth Rich
Nancy Schuster
Paula Simon
Jenine Smith
David L. Smith
Heidi Wettlaufer
…and others

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