Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gallery Guide released

I was dowtown for the gallery crawl on Friday. Mostly to check out what Art-iculate is doing with the gallery guide. from their website --

Pittsburgh Creative Network releases the premier edition of the Pittsburgh Gallery Guide at the Gallery Crawl. Thirty-five galleries & art organizations will be featured in the first catalog published, spotlighting the best of Pittsburgh's art. An exhibit will include galleries that have participated in the Gallery Guide.

We now have a gallery guide for Pittsburgh, which is great. The website will, hopefully, serve as a gateway to the city's visual arts. The exhibit, which was packed, had some familiar faces represented. See below for the images from the exhibit.

Since this was the gallery crawl, all of the venues were packed. There was a line for the elevator for Wood Street, SPACE was so packed and, well, LOUD, that I just backed off. Future Tenant and all of the usual suspects were open...

Anyway, I have to go downtown for a meeting on Friday. I'll be sure to take my camera and get some shots while I'm in the neighborhood.


krisboban said...

This sounds like some great stuff! I'm an animator relocated from LA and interested in checking out more stuff like this! I love this blog!x

Claire said...

Thanks so much for creating this blog! I am moving to Pittsburgh from New York and your blog has been so helpful in giving me a sense of the local art scene!!