Saturday, June 02, 2007

News and events at Digging Pitt Gallery

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1. Closing reception on June 2!

2. Opening reception on June 16!

3. A brief hiatus

4. Digging Pitt wants you

5. Welcome to our new additions from California Universty of Pennsylvania

1. Closing reception on June 2!

June 2, 2007: 6-9pm

Marci Gehring: Flat Line (Side I) more information

Selene dePackh: The Graphic Tales of Prodiga diNero (Side II) more information

Spotlight on George Kollar - Side II more information

Photographic Showcase Exhibit @Digging Pitt Too more information

2. Opening reception on June 16!

June 16, 2007: 6-9pm

Maggy Aston: Drawings and Constructions - Side I more information

Inside Out Six: Selections from the Flat Files - Side II more information

Big F***ing Thing @Digging Pitt Too more information

3. A brief hiatus

Digging Pitt is taking a brief hiatus from June 3-June 15. Although we won't have regular gallery hours, we will be open by appointment. Call 412-605-0450 or email John to set up a time.

4. Digging Pitt wants you

Digging Pitt Gallery and Digging Pitt Too are looking for volunteers to help out at the gallery and at special events. Digging Pitt takes a 30% commission on sales, with the artist receiving 70%. Although Digging Pitt is not a non-profit, many of our events and initiatives serve the public and the arts community. If you want to help out, or if you have some other ideas, get in touch with us. Contact us by phone at 412-605-0450 or by email. more information

5. Welcome to our new additions from California Universty of Pennsylvania

Digging Pitt Gallery welcomes students from CUP in our flat file. Twenty-five students are participating in a new program to bring fresh young voices to our flat files. Students include in CUP's drawer 12 are:

Katt Berdine PA

Matt Brinkman PA

Angela Capuzzi PA

Erica Clipper PA

Kris Dowling PA

Brad Felix PA

Felicia Flick PA

Andrea Haselhuff PA

Andrew Herwig PA

Ashley Hickey PA

Justin Hill PA

Mick Kellerman PA

Laura Lapacik PA

Seth LeDonne PA

Kayla Leventry PA

Jessica Lotman PA

Kristen McNeil PA

Collin Medved PA

Robert Morrow PA

Jenna Mosse PA

Joe Mruk PA

Courtney Richards PA

Melanie Ruch PA

Hector Santos PA

Melissa Settle PA

Sherrie' Silvio PA

Dennis Stolke PA

Rachel Strind PA

Emily Wolfe PA

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