Saturday, June 02, 2007

Allure of Japanese Glass @ Pittsburgh Glass Center until Sept. 16

Sono Kago - Chiisana Niwa (small garden)

Several promising young Japanese artists are showing their work at Pittsburgh Glass Center’s first international exhibition, Allure of Japanese Glass.

Most of the artists have never exhibited in the United States, but are well known in Japan.

“It’s our intention,” said Janet McCall, PGC program manager, “to showcase these artists, introduce some new young faces and make the public aware of the creative energy that exists in glass in Japan,”

To help raise awareness PGC is offering several Japanese-related programs and classes for free to the public, which you can find out more about at

Kentaro Senuma - Vase g, o, p, c, b

Tomoe Shizumi - Mizuumi

Pittsburgh Glass Center
5472 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206


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