Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Carnegie International - the reviews are rolling in

The reviews for Life on Mars are starting to roll in. I have been skimming them, in preparation for an excursion on Friday. I am planning on spending most of the day at the museum. I did have a very brief peek on Monday evening at the Art for AIDS, Art for Change fundraiser. The brief view was enough to whet my appetite.

There are several reviews in both traditional print and blogs. The general impression I am getting is quite positive. At least about the art and artists. I will examine these sources a little more closely after I see the exhibit on Friday. But for now, here are the highlghts --

Roberta Fallon on Philadelphia Weekly

Tyler Green on Modern Art Notes put up several posts

Christopher Knight on the Los Angeles Times

Roberta Smith on New York Times

Christopher Yates on the Columbus Dispatch

There were, of course, several articles in both of Pittsburgh's local papers, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and The Pittsburgh Tribune Review. If you get a chance, make sure to read Kurt Shaw's take on the International.

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