Saturday, May 31, 2008

Doug Hill's Cardboard Gears

One of the great aspects of organically curated "Tom Museum" was the exhibitions he staged of little known artists from around the town. One of my favorites is Doug Hill who used the space as a studio from time to time.

"I met East Pittsburgher Doug Hill around 2001 when I was working on Craig Street in Oakland. Back then he was making a lot of colored pencil drawings and watercolors of places that were changing in Oakland. (Views that would no longer exist after new buildings were constructed)

A few years back, Doug started making a wide variety of gears and gadgets out of cardboard. I kept in touch with him as I transitioned into The Tom Museum. Not long after I opened, Doug became a regular at the museum, appearing at least once a month to conduct demonstrations for visitors. Doug’s work has caught the attention of people from around the world."

I found this video on Tom's new Blog.

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