Friday, May 23, 2008

Life on Mars - Marisa Merz + Bruce Connor

I haven't mentioned how beautifully the works in Life on Mars are installed. Marisa Merz's piece is a prime example of the thought that was put into the installation of the show.
Placed as it was in the first floor gallery, it had an advantage of natural light. The gallery is nicely proportioned and good-sized. This solitary piece held the room.

Here's an interesting fact: the work was actually produced in 1966. It's great to see the definition of contemporary includes relevant work that was created over forty years ago. It emphasizes the timeless potential of art. This work is so beautiful. It has this silver glow to it.

In contrast to Merz's light-filled installation, Bruce Connor's photograms were hung on the darkened balcony in sculpture hall. The image below, of Kiss Angel 1975, doesn't do the work justice. Obviously, you'll just have to find some of Connor's work from this series yourself. I did shoot without a flash, to preserve some sense of the space. These works glowed for an entirely different reason. The lightest areas seemed to float around the perimeter of the room.


Below is a detail from Angel. The works really held up on close examination, providing subtle depths of texture.


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