Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pittsburgh Art Events: 8/29-31/08.

With Rick over at Pittsburgh Art and Gallery Blog following his bliss in the great outdoors (and therefore on official hiatus until the end of September), I'm sure to miss out on a few of the wonderful art events happening around the 'Burgh this weekend. But I do know of several things worth attending, and if I have any sort of energy by tomorrow I should be able to get out to enjoy them.


If you have been meaning to check out the La Vie Gallery in Lawrenceville (3609 Butler Street), but have never made it a priority- tomorrow night (7-10PM) is your last chance... forever! That's right kids, yet another great gallery has come to its unfortunate end. Thommy Conroy and Bronwyn Loughren have made a mark on the local scene that will leave its afterimage for years. Somehow they have been able to corral some of the best young artists in town, and show their best work consistently, month-after-month. The receptions have been well attended and elegantly provisioned, and the prices have always been affordable. Often the best art venues come and go quickly in this town, and leave folks reminiscing about them for a long time afterwards. Don't you want to say that you were there?

Fortunately this weekend isn't just about "farewells". It appears that Syracuse's loss is our gain. Maverick art curator Astria Suparak has hit town. She's rolling out her first locally-curated show at the Regina Miller Gallery at CMU. The NYC Pratt-institute grad has made a lot of waves over the last few years (read Bill O'Driscoll's City Paper profile of her here). Anyway, for her inaugural exhibition she has chosen to bring us Julie Christensen's Your Town, Inc. It will include 80 photos from an upcoming book documenting the reuse of properties once housing "Big Box" stores. While you can officially see the work on Friday during normal gallery hours (12-6PM), the big reception (apparently a "Hometown BBQ") isn't until September 19th.

If you are downtown, you can stop by Future Tenant for an installation by "street artist" Danny Devine. Ain't too Proud to Beg will have a "Kickass opening with food, drinks, movies, art for sale & more" from 6-9pm (or so the website says).


I'm really not in the business of making music suggestions, but I'm going to make an exception for this weekend. David Berman's Silver Jews are making their very first appearance (ever) in Pittsburgh, at the William Pitt Union Assembly Hall at 8PM. Berman is a poet and songwriter who attended college with former Pavement front-man Stephen Malkmus. For awhile he enlisted his more famous friend to play in his band. Together they made American Water, which I consider one of the best and most literate rock albums ever. For years you couldn't see the Silver Jews live because Berman's social anxiety wouldn't allow him to perform on-stage. But a few years ago he met the love of his life, and has since experienced a vivid resurgence. Don't miss this performance.


I know that I've already mentioned the Zombo events that are happening this weekend. Still I feel that they are worth another mention. "Lucky the Painproof Man" will be at the Gallery on 49th and Hatfield on Saturday from 6-9PM. He's actually looking to sell off some of his memorabilia this time around. And on Monday (September 1st) you can celebrate Labor Day at Arsenal Lanes. Art Goes Bowling is having its closing party from 6-11PM. Local band The Whips will be making their debut. If you can't make it, have a look here to see what you are missing.

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