Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Swoon Project Floats Down The Hudson River

The internationally known street artist known as Swoon and a group of collaborators, from musicians to writers has built another floating art project. In 2006 and 2007, their floating art city called the Miss Rockaway Armada made it's way down the Mississippi. A new project called Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea involving seven vessels built in Troy NY is making it's way down the Hudson to NY giving performances along the way. It's final landfall will be at the Deitch Studios in Long Island City, Queens, where it will stay during Swoon's NY solo.

"Dark Dark Dark provides a live score, including a work sea shanty. A film crew is following the band for “Flood,” a fictional piece that features the musicians as main characters on the Switchback Sea. The film is another example of how these artists, who come from the Bay Area, Minneapolis, Troy and Brooklyn, have created a kind of expanding collective in which one work grows and morphs into the next."

The Times story says the group resists being called hippies, but the project hearkens back to the free form collective actions and idealism of that era.

This video is about the Miss Rockaway Armada project.

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