Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pittsburgh Art Events 8/8-9/08.

As one might expect, the middle of August is a dead period for openings in the Pittsburgh arts scene. But with just a bit of digging, and help from local media sites like Pittsburgh Art and Gallery Info and, you can usually find something to do around town. I did find a few things that sound like they'd be worth checking out, so bear with me as I make some personal recommendations for your weekend.


Downtown at the Three Rivers Art Gallery (937 Liberty Avenue) there is an opening (5-9PM) for "Interior Spaces", featuring work by Aasta Deth. There is also an MFA exhibition for Kati Fishbein, entitled "Miss-Handled". This is one of those spaces that doesn't go out of its way to promote events, and so it's been a bit difficult to find specific information about these shows. (Both of these artists do seem to have connections to Indiana University of PA). It should be noted that often such venues merely offer space for artists and curators to do their own things, and the responsibilities for promotion are passed along. I'm not sure whether or not that's the case here. Ultimately we should be thankful that there are so many organizations willing to work to provide opportunities for public exposure.

On the other side of the art world, the Sunroom Gallery is getting ready to kick off their grand opening. It's located "across from the James Gallery" over on the West End (apparently somewhere on South Main Street). This is Pittsburgh photographer and painter Tom Jefferson's new venue, after making his break from John Ross' Meter Room. The aforementioned Pittsburgh Art and Gallery Info is reporting that the work of Jefferson, Ian Green and Michelle Gregio will be included in the show, and will be accompanied by TJ's band, The Major Toms. Unfortunately specific information about hours is still unavailable.

Also on Friday night comes an appearance by Bob Log III down at the 31st Street Pub (10PM, $12 at the door). I've never seen Log perform, but he is said to play an f'd up and distorted version of the Blues, and he wears a motorcycle helmet on-stage. Needless to say he's come highly recommended.


Moxie Dada (1416 Arch Street in the North Side) is rolling out yet another solo by photographer Corey LaChat. He's been known locally for years for showing a series of fuzzed-out and impressionistic macro enlargements of old fashioned toys. This time around he's showing astronaut-themed shots. Perhaps the best reason to attend this reception (which runs from 7-10PM) is for his musical performance on the theremin. It should be an utterly surreal experience.

And speaking of unreality... did you know that it would have been Andy Warhol's 80th birthday yesterday, if not for his mysterious death? Well, the Warhol Museum is certainly aware of that. That's why they are offering admission for 80 cents this Saturday afternoon. They'll be screening some episodes from his 1983 TV show, and (yes) they will be handing out cupcakes. That ought to be the kicker that packs the place. Anyway it's a good chance to see what you missed at the cramped Associated Artists of Pittsburgh annual last weekend.

If plain old drinking is more your speed, you might want to stumble down to the Brew Festival at the Millvale Riverfront Park Pavilion. The borough is still recovering from 2004's Hurricane Ivan, which devastated it with flood waters. They are running two sessions (from 1-4 and 5-8 PM) and you get entertainment, beer and food for the price of $35. Proceeds go to Millvale Borough Development Corporation and Millvale MainStreet- two organizations devoted to the long-term health of the neighborhood. Before you go, you can make the trip "art-related" by stopping in to say "Hi" to Mark over at Panza Frame and Gallery on Sedgwick Street. Sid Kweller's show is coming down this Sunday, and is worth seeing.

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