Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy Mays : One Of Pittsburgh's Greatest Artist's Dies

It's hard to say just why a particular artist comes to symbolize a time and culture but you know it when you see it. Universal resonance and communication is what makes great art and by those standards little Billy Mays from McKees Rocks was one of Pittsburgh's greatest contributions to the world.

"During the past 11 years, Mays has sold more than 30 products from cleaning supplies to health insurance. Using products he pushes, he's repaired a parachute in seconds, pulled an 80,000-pound tractor trailer and cleaned the dirtiest of bathtubs.

Along with adult dating hotlines and televangelists, he's become a staple of late-night television."

What will the people from "Mighty Putty"or The Awesome Auger or What Oder? or Engrave It or The Hercules Hook or ZorbEEZ or The Vidalia Chopit or The Steam Buddy or iCan or Simoniz Fix it or Kaboom going to do?

Oh yea---- No refunds.

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