Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Threaded Line @ 709 Penn Gallery


from Lee Renninger's site --
Sous Ses Jupes is a metaphorical piece-one that seeks to reveal a complex, hidden layer beneath the larger, overlay of French history and culture. In this work, the bodice is made in a style that was popular during the reign of Marie Antoinette-a complex period of splendor and violent upheaval. The porcelain flowers as well as the gold thread, blue embroidery and white “tulle” all represent archetypal elements of France's cultural achievements-achievements that have been its real gift to the rest of the world. What lies beneath the skirts, though, is a different story.

These materials—a web of raffia and paper, red and brown and black—are earthy and ethnic as well as transient and coarse. They reflect the gritty and passionate, colorful and dangerous aspects of these ?other? cultures—hiding just beneath France's perfect skirts.

What struck me when I walked into the gallery was the overwhelming beauty of the work. I'm glad that I took the time to look up the artist's site to find this explanation. A friend relayed to me that the colored papers that embellish the skirt are actually pastry wrappers. In the context of the above statement, the wrappers take on a different meaning, especially when applied to the couture of Paris.

The works at 709 Penn are lovely, as are the works on Renninger's site.

Threaded Line
Lee Renninger
709 Penn Gallery
709 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15222
Gallery Hours:
Tues - Fri: 12-8PM
Sat: 12-6PM

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