Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Unblurred previews

I know I keep beating this drum, BUT... about the only time you can be sure of seeing the exhibits on Penn Ave is if you go to the first Friday Unblurred event. The full schedule for the event is posted; following are the shows I have every intention of visiting. Check back for an update next week.

Back in January, Benjamin Oddi had a solo exhibit at the incomparable Luke & Eloy Gallery. Opening this Friday is his solo exhibit at Modern Formation. Definitely worth checking out.

THE TRUTH IS MADE: ARTWORK OF BENEDICT ODDI The desire for freedom, escape, and exploration influence the narrative of these oil paintings. Figures are placed in situations of anxiety and peril, intervened with traces of otherworldliness. The artist approaches his work through escapism related to utopian and dystopian philosophy but does not align with one thought or the other; he chooses to respond to both by using the nature of free will. Exhibit runs to July 24th. 412.362.0274


I am not sure that this photo is representative of David Grim's series on the Eastern Penitentiary in Philadelphia, But it is a really good photograph. I'm sure the solo at Image Box will be wonderful.

Friday, June 5 | 7PM-10PM | IMAGEBOX - 4933 PENN AVE.
VANISHINGS Features previously unseen photography by David Grim. In 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville came to the United States to study the newest advancements in prison technology. One of his stops was Eastern Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Please join us for a reception and images taken from that very location 178 years after his trip. 412.441.0930.

Full disclosure: I have some work in this exhibit at ARTica. Swing by, okay?

Friday, June 5 | 7PM-10PM | ARTica, ART GALLERY & ANTIQUES - 5110 PENN AVE.
LESS IS MORE: AN EXHIBITION OF ART UNDER 12"X12" This exhibition will leave you in awe of what can be made when someone has a small view of the world. Come see tiny fabric pastries, little landscapes and other diminutive works of art. Also make a dinky doodle for our Gallery-on-Demand. Enjoy food, music, and all the usual fun that comes from mingling with friends old and new. Need more? www.passportsart.blogspot.com

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