Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Images Of Swoon's Swimming Cities Of Switchback Sea

I've been meaning to post these photos I was able to take last September of Swoon's wonderful floating city and her collaborative intstalation at Deitch Projects. Better very late than never.You can see how she reused many of the print images one see's on the walls in Pittsburgh as well as in her amazing instalation at the Mayor's house in Braddock.Deitch's LIC space is absolutely huge, giving Swoon a freedom she has rarely had before to create elaborate instalation interiors.

I was not able to get too close to the Junk boats docked outside but here are some shots looking into the late afternoon sun setting on the East River.They may give one some idea of what the Venice Junk City might look like close up.


BSH said...

These are great! Is this NYC? And if so, where at?

John Morris said...

Yes, but these are shots taken last year. The shows not there now.

It's in a place called Long Island City, Queens not far from the 59th St Bridge on the Queens side.