Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joanne Mattera & Brent Burkett Walk The High Line

Photo By Joanne Mattera

Two other bloggers I like Joanne Mattera and Brent Burkett did posts that give a fuller record of the magical space the High Line is becoming. I hope very, very much,Joanne doesn't mind me lifting this one image from her blog.

I put this stuff up here because while Pittsburgh and NYC are very different, both share the post industrial waterfronts. Spaces like the High Line shows that there sensitive ways to get the benefits of both an urban and park experience in the same place because it's not just the nice views or nice park that make the High Line special,it's the energy and people of the city around it.(will do another post about that)

Joanne's post

Brent's Post, Brent's other post about Spencer Finch's work on the High Line

"The High Line is online, and it's pretty damn exceptional. The architects do a masterful job of marrying the previous to the present. The tracks and overgrowth comfortably share their space with newly manufactured lines and resting places. The future even gets a nod if only in the hope one can find in the competence, thoughtfulness, and vision exhibited on this elevated plane. Yes, this town has more to offer to its inhabitants than the Nets Arena."

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Hey there, John. Thanks for the linkage + Libby just rocked it. Can't wait to hear what you think about it.