Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July Unblurred

Well, it was a holiday weekend. Some of the regular venues, like Imagebox and Modern Formations, were closed during the July Unblurred. Garfield Artworks was open, but they had this sign in their door that declared that Garfield Artworks was not a Shadyside Gallery. Huh, I thought. Penn Avenue? Check. First Friday? Check. Broken sidewalks and decapitated parking meters? Check and check. Well, I knew where I was. But, since I was dressed for work, I thought I'd better not stick my head in; I didn't want anybody to feel uncomfortable, right?

The good news was that Artica and Most Wanted Fine Art were open. Hot dog! Lots of people gravitated to Artica on Friday evening. Artica looked great, as always, with its eclectic mix of antiques, collectibles and fine art pieces.



LaVerne Kemp, one of the Less is More artists.


Jason Sauer and JR Holtz

Carolyn Wenning and Sam Thorpe were sharing the space at Most Wanted Fine Art. Below, Wennings Linger. I apologize for the glare. It obviously doesn't do the work any favors. This is such a nice evolution for Wennings work. Her palette has shifted into these blues. Also, I am struck by how much more narrative these two pieces are than the work I have previously seen.


Below, Sam Thorp's precious pieces. There is something oddly disturbing about these pieces. Also, thre is a lot of implied texture in the works.


Want to know more about Sam Thorp's work? Check out this short video --

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