Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Youngstown Summer Movie Nights

I know, I give a lot of press on here to Youngstown , Ohio- perhaps much more than it currently deserves. Youngstown is like the formerly D student from the broken home, who is homeless and doing Their homework on the subway. They ain't getting A's or even B's yet except in effort.

The last movie night of the Summer was last night but that's not the point. The story is about the very small ways in which things can be done to bring people together and create the kind of social experiences that make people want to live in a city.


Defend Youngstown said...

I think the parts will one day equal a meaningful sum here in Youngstown. We have a long way to go but we certainly continue to make the type of progress that speaks to that type of end result. It really is about marketing Youngstown as a city who welcomes/attracts those who want to create vs. consume an urban area while making an immediate impact on the local community in the process. You get that...and we here in Youngstown thank you for your continued support.

Phil Kidd

John Morris said...

I agree with everything you said. marketing and real openess is the key-- not just hollow words.

The current economy is makig a lot of people take a hard look at their lives and businesses to strip things down to the elemental important things which makes the rust belt look good as a potentialy centrally located place with cheap costs. We throw in the history and culture for free!

Pittsburgh's advertising slogan, Imagine What You Can Do Here should be the moto of the new rust belt. But we have to mean it.

A lot of this is about just making people more aware of all the existing assets that are here so that they can figure out how to make connections and take advantage of opportunities as well as learn each others mistakes.

How can Youngstown startups take link to Pittsburgh colleges and Cleveland colleges? How can the Cleveland Clinic work with UPMC and regional drug researchers? How can all companies in the region find Angel investors? How can Youngstown and Pittsburgh benefit from the booming Westinghouse Nuclear energy business? How can GE's rail engine business in Erie work with Wabtec's air brake business?