Thursday, September 22, 2011

Exhibit Openings Downtown 9/23/2011

Yes, you could wait til next week and go to the, you will Gallery Crawl. But if you go tomorrow night to the opening will be a lot easier to see the work:
From the Cultural Trust website:
Harish Saluja Progression
Presented by: The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Venue: 707 Penn Gallery
Friday, September 23 - Sunday, November 13, 2011
Tickets: Free and open to the public
While doodling is generally seen as something anyone can do, local artist Harish Saluja transforms seemingly simple drawings into richly intricate and colorful works of art. Saluja’s latest series Progession can be interpreted as an extension of his passion for Asian-inspired art. The abstract expressionistic drawings found in Progression explore indian music, Raga paintings and Hindu dieties.
Filmmaker, entrepreneur and art doyen Harish Saluja is best known in the Pittsburgh art scene for his leadership of Silk Screen, which celebrates Asian and Asian American culture through film festivals, art, dance and music. Saluja’s film The Journey won several awards and was shown in more than 30 film festivals and distributed by IFC (Independent Film Channel). In addition to his nationally recognized artwork, Saluja is co-host of Music From India on Essential Public Media 90.5FM, which is the longest running radio program of its kind in the U.S. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Saluja is 33-year veteran in the publishing industry.

ExtractionGuest curator: Jill Larson
September 23 – November 20, 2011
Gallery Crawl September 30

SPACE will be filled with over 20,000 free pieces of art, created with the intent that
viewers will interact with the artwork by "extracting" a piece, placing the gallery in a constant state of flux, change, and loss.

Exhibiting artists:

Delanie Jenkins, who will be present at the gallery on Thursdays between 12-3, from September 29 - November 3.

Ryan Keene
Alexandra Watrous
Matthew Paul Isaacson
Karen Rich Beall
Meghan Olson
Gail Heidel
Delanie Jenkins
Traci Molloy
Chris Craychee
Aimee Manion
Wendy Osher
Ana Kovacic
Tim Kellner
Staycee Pearl
Yuko Oda and Theodore Johnson
Jay Stuckey and Brian Dick
Thommy Conroy and Tommy Bones

SPACE gallery, a project of The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, is located at 812 Liberty Avenue, downtown Pittsburgh Cultural Distr ict. For more information, please visit

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