Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photos of Wilkinsburg Murals by Kyle Holbrook and Brian Holderman

You likely have seen work by these artists around. Holderman did a big Downtown mural and Three Rivers Arts Festival Poster; Holbrook's murals are all over East Liberty and many other places in and near Pittsburgh.

Still, these murals are pretty great examples of their work. Brian is all about, highly designed and skillful hipster style--but this work is also extremely imaginative. One of his best works.

Kyle, who works with local kids and community members on his projects, throws the book at the walls, filling them with cultural and historical images. This is just a small taste of some of his murals which fill the area around the Bus way in Wilkinsburg.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Wilkinsburg. The pictures of the Kyle mural was not actually completed by him. He let the youth do it and he supervised. The mural Kyle did is on the busway wall in Wilkinsburg.